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ERIN O. SMITH/The Times Andrew Bearden, a store manager at Atlantic Bedding and Furniture, tells Nikki and Wes Pitzer that they will be receiving a bed and other bedding items from his company when they are in a place to accept the items. Pitzer is a Hall County deputy who lost most of his belongings in a fire earlier this month. 1 2 3 4 As a deputy of 17 years, Wes Pitzer said hes used to being the one that helps people. But after he and wife Nikki lost their Alto dream home in a fire earlier this month, Pitzer said hes seen tremendous generosity from the Hall County Sheriffs Office and his community. Im not used to being the one that needs help, and its just amazing how many people in the community have stepped forward, he said. He and his wife were told only to be at the courthouse Friday afternoon, when members of the community presented an estimated $2,000 in goods and services for the rebuilding couple. In a beautiful way ... some members of our community have come together, and were in the process of trying to assist you and trying to continue to spread love to yall, said Misty Waldrop, HALLCO Community Credit Union marketing and education coordinator. Wes Pitzer escaped the fire Jan. 7 with his dog Gus after a fireball flew out of his fireplace. At Fridays event, the Pitzers were presented with gift cards, meals, massages, storage, oil changes, a new bed set and an extermination treatment for their rebuilt home.

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Research results suggest that providing bedding during extreme winter weather conditions improves performance and feed efficiency. In a study conducted in North Dakota at the Carrington Research Extension Center, cattle that were provided bedding gained faster and more efficiently than non-bedded counterparts. Bedded cattle in that study had heavier carcass weights and a greater percentage reaching the USDA Choice quality grade compared to the non-bedded cattle. The combination of lowest price improved performance and heavier, more valuable carcasses resulted in a $60 to $80 per head advantage for bedding. Those results agree with a summary of South Dakota and Colorado data showing a 7 percent improvement in gain and feed conversion when bedding was provided. These studies show the greatest impact in later portions of the feeding period. It appeared that lighter calves adapted to muddy conditions more readily than heavier cattle. In some locations and environmental conditions, the benefits to providing bedding are less clear. In a study conducted in northeast Nebraska, bedding provided a performance boost during the first 70 days in open lots. However, by the end of the four-month trial, those advantages in gain and efficiency were largely gone. There was no advantage to bedding cattle under those conditions if they had access to an open front shed.

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