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AnnaBis Makes Discreet, Odor-Proof Bags for Women and Their Marijuana

"We would rather smell like Chanel than cannabis," Moss says. So in 2015, she founded AnnaBis, a California-based company that makes high-end handbags for women. Each bag is made with an aroma-blocking fabric, and a few of the larger sizes come with a concealed air-tight compartment on the inside for the times when you might need to conceal what you're carrying from bag checkers. "If you're a mom, you're incredibly busy, and if you're medicating for yourself or for your kids, you need to carry it with you, and you don't want all the world to know your business," Moss points out. The Whoopie is the smallest bag AnnaBis carries, but it still holds plenty: up to two vapes, a small pipe, containers of herb, a lighter and a charger. The larger bags have space for additional things like your phone or wallet, so you don't need to carry a purse. Moss says that 30 percent of her customers are men buying the bags for the women in their lives; sometimes a man hopes his girlfriend will embrace the weed culture more if she has a bag specifically designed for cannabis. "Women are the health-care givers, so we've been at the forefront of seeing what this plant can do. We've been some of the biggest advocates," Moss says.

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