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The kiosk is a 20- by 80-foot building located in the outer parking lot at the Walmart Super Center at N Council and W Britton Roads in Oklahoma City. [Photo provided] Walmart is trying out an automated kiosk where online shoppers can pick up their groceries, officials with the retail store have announced. The kiosk is a 20- by 80-foot building in the parking lot at the Walmart Super Center at N Council and W Britton Roads in Oklahoma City. Walmart spokesman Scott Markley said the kiosk is capable of fulfilling hundreds of orders throughout the day that are placed by customers who shop online or through their mobile browser at walmart.com/grocery. In an email, Markley said the automated kiosk gives the store's online shoppers another option they can use to save time. "Especially for busy families with kids, grocery shopping used to take a couple of hours on the weekend," Markley said. But people using the kiosk can pick up groceries in just a few minutes, he said. More than 30,000 items, including fresh produce, meats, dairy products and organic groceries, can be ordered online for the same price they cost in the store and can be picked up free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The minimum purchase is $30.

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