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Buckner said no suspects had been taken into custody in connection with the melee, which may have stemmed from a dispute between rival groups. He said the general public was not believed to be at risk and that the incident was not related to terrorism. "On a Fourth of July weekend, where we wish to anticipate having fun with our friends and family, this is certainly a terrible, terrible tragedy," Mayor Mark Stodola said at the news conference. The shooting started at about 2:30 a.m. local time on Saturday, about 30 minutes after the downtown club's scheduled closing time, local media reported. A bystander's video เสื้อครอบครัว ราคาส่ง broadcast by local media showed the crowded club at the moment gunshots rang out, followed by the sound of people screaming in the dark. After the shooting, the city revoked the Power Ultra Lounge's liquor license and the club would shut down, Stodola said. "This activity downtown is going to cease," he said. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said it was time for the state to do more to reverse what he described as an intensifying crime problem in the state capital. "We are still gathering facts, but it is clear that we need to have a comprehensive enforcement strategy in place that helps take the violent threats off the streets," he said in a statement. The club was hosting a concert by the hip-hop artist Finese 2Tymes on Friday night, according to the club's Facebook page.

Violette Tan, the group's coordinator, said they first began helping weavers sell their rattan items more than 10 years ago, after the women traveled from their village to Limbang, just over the border from Brunei, for medical treatment. Women’s groups worked with the Penan weavers on colors and designs that would เสื้อครอบครัว 4 คน ราคาถูก appeal to urban consumers. (Courtesy of Penan Women Project) The women's group had hoped to raise funds for the weavers through the sale of their rattan crafts. But they found that these did not have much appeal in the urban เสื้อคู่รักเกาหลี market, and the natural fibers were also increasingly difficult to find. In 2011, Helping Hands Penan introduced the weavers to the plastic packing straps sold in hardware shops and used to tie up boxes for transportation as an alternative material and worked with the weavers on adapting their products. They suggested that the weavers use fewer colors in more subtle hues or solid shades in place of the original riot of primary colors and make the bags slimmer for easier use in the city. At the time, the weavers had already modified their large farm baskets to create smaller shopping baskets. Following the suggestion of the women's group, the bulky shopping baskets were refined further, with a narrower base and longer handles, to turn them into shoulder bags that were modern but still carried a reminder of the Penan heritage in the weaving patterns. It took more than four years to get the standard of the bags up to the sleek products that are now flying off the shelves, said Shida Mojet, a member of Helping Hands Penan who now lives in the Netherlands.

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