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When it comes to bags, it’s rather like a mother with more than one child — the more she has, the more love there is to go around. But when it comes to expanding your bag collection, it pays to look locally first as many talented Malaysian designers are creating fabulous bags for the stylish urban woman. In materials, colours and patterns that rival international brands, and in designs which range from elegant to quirky, these bags are a delightful addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a tote, clutch, shoulder bag cross body or backpack, there’s something local to appease every woman’s bag craving. These bags have been lovingly crafted and are a sense of pride for the local labels and designers behind them. Here are some of the brands to look out for: A stylish contemporary bag for the urban woman by Sometime. An elegant stylish design for the modern woman by Sometime (left). Credit: @sometime_byasiandesigners. THIS bag specialist company is able to offer designer exclusive, trendy and striking designs which have the look and feel of international brands.

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Yep, theres now a subscription handbag service: Ivory Clasp

marcelle-1 Yep, there’s now a subscription handbag service: Ivory Clasp There are subscription services for clothes , shoes , accessories , makeup , and even tampons , so why not one for handbags? That’s the premise, at least, behind a new startup called Ivory Clasp , which is promising to offer quality, stylish handbags that retail for over $100 for just $45 per month. The service sends name-brand bags, not knock-offs, and allows you to keep the purses you receive. Like most subscription apparel and accessories services, Ivory Clasp starts off with a style quiz to learn your individual taste. This basically consists of you choosing the handbags you like best from a series of photos. This data helps the service send you those handbags you’ll like best in the future. Subscribers can choose to pay $45 per month, or $45 bimonthly to receive a new bag every other month. The bags are also in-season, as opposed to the older, excess inventory you’d find being sold off at retailers like TJ Maxx. In fact, the company promises that if you find the bag online anywhere – including Amazon – for less than $98, they’ll refund your money. And if you don’t like the bag you receive, you can also send it back for a full refund. The idea for Ivory Clasp comes from Avi Zolty , previously the co-founder of the Y Combinator-backed startup Beatdeck , and car rental startup Skurt ; along with Sean Rimokh, who is the son of  Signal Brands ‘ Chairman and CEO Jack Rimokh.

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